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Iyabo Ojo Draws Warmth As She Transforms Into New Family With Paulo Okoye



In the midst of a recent social media feud instigated by Iyabo Ojo, entertainment executive and talent manager, Paulo Okoye, has expressed admiration for his partner’s poise and demeanor.

The ongoing drama between Iyabo and fellow colleague Lizzy Anjorin has captured attention for the past few days.

Initiating the exchange on her Instagram page, Iyabo attributed her newfound composure to her relationship with Paulo Okoye. She shared a heartwarming video showcasing their blended family, consisting of her two children and Paulo Okoye’s two children. In the post, she affectionately referred to them as her “jewel of inestimable value,” emphasizing the significance of peace and love within the family dynamic.

Paulo Okoye playfully acknowledged Iyabo Ojo’s spirited nature in the comments section, referring to her as “Mama Iyabo!!!! Wahala + Trouble.” This lighthearted recognition underscores the couple’s bond and mutual understanding.

Adding to the chorus of support, Iyabo’s daughter praised her mother’s regal presence, while her stepdaughter conveyed heartfelt affection. The exchange highlights the strong connections within their blended family and the positive influence of Paulo Okoye on Iyabo’s outlook.

See post below:

As the online drama continues to unfold, Paulo Okoye’s candid commentary and Iyabo Ojo’s steadfast demeanor remain a focal point, capturing the interest of fans and followers alike.

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