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Attention Turns To Moyo Lawal’s Ex After Bedroom Video Leak



Moyo Lawal sex tape

Popular Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal has addressed the recent controversy surrounding the leak of a video of an intimate bedroom scene of herself and a man she has now described as her former fiance.

Moyo Lawal, known for her roles in numerous Nigerian films, took to social media to release an official statement regarding the leak of the explicit video footage that had made its way onto the internet.

In her statement, Moyo Lawal revealed that the video in question was recorded in the past by a former partner with whom she had intended to marry and denied any role in the leak. However, to her dismay, the private footage was shared online without her consent, sparking outrage and shock among netizens and fans.

The actress expressed her firm intention to pursue legal action against those responsible for the video’s unauthorized release, emphasizing her commitment to protecting her privacy and rights. Despite the distressing situation, Lawal asserted her determination not to let the incident break her spirit.

In closing, she extended her heartfelt gratitude to those who had shown unwavering support and understanding during this challenging period in her life.

See her post below:

Moyo Lawal’s official statement has gained different reactions from Netizens over the leaked video. While some showered her praises for her bold step in this trying moment, many others criticized her action and claimed the video was intentional in which she must have been paid for. gathered some of the reactions below:

@elite_events_magazine:Thank God you came out to clear this.People already insinuated it was done for traffic.God will be with you and see you through. This one will soon pass.

@ade_doughyean I’m rooting for you so much Moyo I have known you to not be associated with any controversy or scandal so far, This too shall pass,Stay Strong My Woman & I love you to pieces.

@mumcy_sean I said it dat u have never been in the book of dirty scandal… wish u all the best moyo baby

@iamyungruff & Thank God you didn’t marry him. Them say him no sabi.

@rayemodi: Stay Strong Moyo. Be positive. If Goldberg tape leak e no go trend. You are beauty na why e trend. Stay strong and rise above

@jnrpope: Let the he goat who released video go and receive his award…… (what’s his gain now moyolawalofficial Dear stay strong, this too shall pass….. Life Goes On

@vital007: Sue him and his weak waist!!!

@tkinzystar @ Sorry o!!! But the guy safe no get energy, he couldn’t handle your mfukundum.

@bscott0079: Tif man talk ,if people believe this then something is wrong ,you acted in the video and told the guy to focus on the camera and saying writing gibberish,u need to be banned from Nollywood,you are a disgrace to yourself,your ex nis yesterday he had to post it ,chaii how shallow do u think people reason na ah ah ,accept what you did ,you have made your video and sold it so man up to it.

@angelaeguavoen: It hurts so much when bad things happen to good people. ILOVE YOU MO This is a phase that’ll pass pretty soon, Youareastrongwoman

@naijabrandinfluencer: Pls be strong sis. We all do worse things behind closed doors. Everyone is a sinner and an hypocrite. There’s nothing wrong with doing what is normal, we all do it and it wasn’t your fault it was out. This phase will pass. May God strengthen you.

@poshest_hope: This too shall pass. Love you sis

@ivan_atueyi: If you consent to someone using their phone to record you, e go hard to claim you didn’t give consent for them to share it, just like photographers take your shoots, they own the property, intellectual property, not as if he stole it from your phone .

@kanoel_fabrics No one should be making explicit of you. Boyfriend, Fiance, husband. No one, protect your sanity.

Moyo Lawal’s decision to address the issue of the leak of the video of her intimate bedroom scene head-on demonstrates her resilience in the face of adversity and her commitment to seeking justice for this invasion of her privacy.
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