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Dull Brain And Five Side-Effects Of Overfeeding



over eating

Not keeping a watch on the quantity of food you’re eating can have major side-effects on the functioning of your organs to the extent that overfeeding is seen as a major health concern.

If it continues over a period of time, it can prove to be highly dangerous. Here are six reasons why you should avoid overfeeding.

 You may feel sluggish, drowsy or tired

If you overfeed, your stomach may expand beyond its normal capacity. This is to adjust to the large amount of food consumed by you.

 The expanded stomach tends to push against other organs and makes you feel uncomfortable. This can make you feel tired, sluggish, or drowsy. You may feel bloated and extremely uncomfortable.

You feel nauseated

If you eat food in large quantities, way more than your stomach’s capacity, it may trigger vomiting and nausea and also indigestion.

Causes heartburn

If you overeat, acid from the stomach moves up into your food pipe, causing heartburn and acid reflux. Eating food loaded with fat (fried foods, pizza, cheesy foods, and spicy gravies) leads to heartburn.

Can cause insulin resistance /fatty liver

Overfeeding on a regular basis can lead to the side-effect of insulin resistance which can cause metabolic diseases. Which if left unchecked can progress to nonalcoholic state-hepatitis and lead to more serious liver disorders.

Leads to obesity

Consuming more calories than what you are spending on a regular basis is one of the factors for weight gain. Weight gain puts you at the risk of other metabolic conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, etc.

It impairs brain function

Overfeeding and obesity can lead to declined cognitive health in individuals who are on the heavier side which is a side-effect that will also lead to social consequences.

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