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End Time Prophet Arrested For Impregnating Landlord’s Wife



Houser arrested for creating child pornography content

Prophet Oluwaseun Akinnubi has been arrested by the Ondo State Police Command.

He is accused of getting his landlord’s wife pregnant in Ore, which is the capital of the Odigbo local government area in Ondo.

A source at the headquarters of the Ore Police Division confirmed that the pastor is in police custody while the probe continues.

The woman known as Mama Precious was said to have been hypnotized by the preacher who started the Christ the Helper Foundation Ministry in the town.

A source says that Tubosun, the landlord, and his wife took care of Akinnubi when he had nowhere to stay before the event.

The prophet is said to have put the man under hypnosis and slept with his wife, a mother of four, under her husband’s house before the Ondo State Police Command in Ore arrested him, according to Leadership report.

After going to see his brother, the landlord’s brother went to the police station and filed a report.

A person close to the landlord’s family says that the prophet was picked up by the police during the naming event of the child his wife gave birth to for the prophet.

The source also said, “After getting the woman pregnant, the prophet rented another apartment and moved her out of her husband’s house.”

“After Mama Precious gave birth, her neighbors were surprised to see that her husband was going to the prophet’s new home to wash clothes for his separated wife and the new baby.

“His younger brother and a neighbor named Tubosun told him that the preacher had taken over his wife, but he didn’t care. Instead, he kept going back to the place to wash the clothes of his wife and their baby. He used to clean the house as well.

“At that point, we knew that the prophet had already hypnotized Tubosun because of the way he was acting. We think he is no longer thinking straight.”

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