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Rita Edochie Mocks Judy Austin After ‘Fleeing To Abuja’ (Video)

By Gideon Ayeni



In a fiery public declaration, seasoned Nollywood actress Rita Edochie has mocked Judy Austin of eloping with Yul to Abuja and issued a stern warning to her imploring her to step away from Yul.

Rita in a video now circulating online, has urged Judy to find an Alhaji in Abuja and settle down to a polygamous marriage.

The actress made the unequivocal statement during the launch of May Edochie’s foundation in Lagos on September 16, 2023.

Rita Edochie did not mince words as she expressed her disdain for Judy Austin, who had been flaunting her alleged pregnancy with Yul and, in her view, disrupting May Edochie’s family life. She went on to reveal that Judy Austin had fled to Abuja, specifying that she was aware of the exact location of her residence in the Federal Capital Territory.

In a scathing critique, Rita Edochie mocked Judy Austin, insinuating that she might find herself in a situation where she would bear a child for an affluent individual (referred to as an Alhaji), now that she had relocated to Abuja.

Watch video below: reports that Rita Edochie has remained steadfast on behalf of, May Edochie in opposing the relationship between Yul Edochie and her fellow Nollywood actress which she sees as a desecration of the vows that Yul and May took almost twenty years ago and the taunt about Judy fleeing to Abuja is in that light.
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