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Food Vendor Exposed: Abuja-based Vendor Recycles Used Takeaways for Events



Abuja food vendor

A shocking video has surfaced online revealing unsanitary food practices in Abuja of a food vendor who was caught recycling disposable food packs for use to customers.

In the viral video, a concerned individual captured the unsanitary practice in a video shared on social media, showcasing the vendor’s shocking method of recycling used food containers.

In the video, the takeaways, which had already been used, were laid out on the ground and left to sun-dry. The vendor planned to reuse these washed containers to serve food at events when commissioned to provide catering services.

Slide to watch video below;

The video of the Abuja food vendor, which quickly gained traction on social media, raised concerns among viewers about food safety and hygiene standards. Many expressed their shock and disbelief at the vendor’s unscrupulous practice, emphasizing the importance of maintaining food safety protocols, especially in the catering industry.

Reacting, creamy.dency said: “Is this Recycling or dirtiness? At home don’t we wash or re use takeaways?”

emeka_ wrote: “The bottles wey them use for zobo and kunu nko?”

jeffryprettypretty stated: “Na people wey no fit dey cook for there house i blame, i can never eat food that i didn’t cook, just speaking for myself tho”

thefoodnetworknig2 said: “The way unauthentic things thrive in this country ehn. Fake drinks, fake bodycare, rewashed disposables! Regulatory bodies don’t exist,..sigh!”

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