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Five Things To Know Before Moving To Abuja



moving to Abuja
Things to know about moving to Abuja

Abuja is steadily becoming the city with the highest influx of people in Nigeria moving to the federal capital next to Lagos. Many people settle in Abuja because of its status as the federal capital territory. If you are about to make Abuja your new home, or you’re just considering it, this guide will provide you with the relevant information you need about relocating to Abuja.

 Multicultural in nature

Life in Abuja is a blend of different people, culture and a modern city lifestyle. What makes Abuja an ideal place to live is the various people you meet from different cultural backgrounds, the endless list of places to go and things to see and do.

Bubbly night life

The night life in Abuja may not be as  exciting as in Lagos, but you can be rest assured that the city has an endless list to keep you all through the night. The best night clubs , street bars, gentlemen clubs and hotels in the country are located in the city. So if you’re a lover of the night life, know that the city has got you covered. 

Extreme  weather

If you’re used to cool weather  as it is in the southern part of the country,  it might take a while to get used to the Abuja weather. However, for someone used  to the extreme weather of the north,  what you get in Abuja may not bother you much.

It can get really hot during the dry season in Abuja, but this doesn’t mean you’ll have to hide in air conditioning for several hours of the day.

Absence of heavy gridlock

If you are thinking of moving to Abuja, you will know that one thing that distinguishes Lagos and other big towns in Nigeria from Abuja is the absence of heavy traffic.

In Abuja , gridlock is almost non-existent except during rush hour in the morning on the outskirts of the city (mostly around Mararaba -Nyanya) and at closing time around the central business district.

Affordable  transportation

Although most Abuja residents commute to the city in their cars, the commercial transport system is fairly cheap and available in every part of Abuja. If you are moving to Abuja, there are options of public transport that give you  the freedom to go with anyone you want.

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