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Buhari Dragged In As Lagos-Abuja Flight Mistakenly Lands In Asaba




In an amusing aviation blunder on Sunday that again stoked memories of President Muhammadu Buhari, passengers aboard a United Nigeria flight from Lagos to Abuja, found themselves in Asaba instead of the nation’s capital, all due to a mistaken flight plan provided to the pilot.

The ordeal, humorously shared on Twitter by Salihu Tanko-Yakassai who served as special adviser on media to Governor Abdullahi Ganduje before he was fired for a criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Approximately an hour after departing Lagos, the cabin crew confidently announced the arrival in Abuja. However, upon disembarking, passengers quickly realized they were not in the expected destination. Instead, the flight had landed in Asaba.

Tanko-Yakassai who posted the development on X catpured the bizarre situation, stating, “We departed Lagos about an hour ago on @flyunitedng to Abuja, and upon arrival, the cabin crew confidently announced that we’ve arrived Abuja, only for us to realize that we landed in Asaba. Apparently, our pilot was given the wrong flight plan from Lagos 🤣🙆‍♂️.”

The mix-up left passengers both amused and bewildered, raising concerns about the accuracy of flight plans and communication within the aviation sector. As passengers await further clarification and resolution from the airline, this incident serves as a reminder of the intricate logistics involved in air travel and the potential consequences of even minor errors in the planning process.

Netizens rushed to the comment section to state their opinion concerning the United Nigeria Air flight blunder that took Abuja passengers to Asaba.

Bashir Ahmad, who served as Digital Communication Assistant in the Buhari regime: “Asaba Abuja, they almost got it right.”

Meanwhile, in response to Bashir’s comment, Titikeji01 wrote: “The Same way your oga almost got it right”.

@Plato2019: If buhari was in power u wud hav told the complainer to be sure of wat he’s saying.

@Officialsolojoe: That’s how you, Buhari and other terrible persons destroyed Nigeria with ‘way below par ‘ ideology.

@abaustin: Thinking like Buhari. People that don’t suppose to have any business with power.

FlyUnitedNG is yet to release an official statement regarding the incident. Meanwhile, the passengers are left to share their unexpected adventure on social media, turning what could have been a typical flight into a memorable experience.
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