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Israel DMW: Nigerian Celebrities Idolise Politicians Too – Seun Kuti



Nigerian celebrities Seun Kuti

Renowned musician Seun Kuti has weighed in on the ongoing controversy involving Israel DMW and his wife Sheila, shedding light on what he perceives as a common behavior among Nigerian celebrities when in the presence of politicians.

Seun Kuti, reacting to the unfolding drama between Israel DMW and Sheila, pointed out that many Nigerian celebrities exhibit a similar subservient attitude when interacting with politicians. The controversy centers around Israel DMW’s perceived subservient loyalty and devotion to his boss, Davido, which some view as crossing boundaries in his relationship with his wife.

In a candid statement, Seun expressed the opinion that dignity and Nigerians often seem to be mutually exclusive words. He highlighted the tendency for celebrities to behave like Israel DMW when encountering politicians, emphasizing the practice of offering excessive praise.

See his post below;

Seun Kuti posed a rhetorical question, questioning the praise heaped upon politicians by celebrities, suggesting that David (Davido) isn’t exploiting them in the same manner. The musician’s commentary adds a critical perspective to the dynamics between celebrities and influential figures in Nigeria, urging reflection on the authenticity of the relationships that unfold behind the scenes.
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