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Fan Urgently Seeks Public Apology From Tacha Over Waist-Gate Incident (Video)



Tacha Fan

After a viral video where Tacha removed his hand from her waist, a fan has demanded a public apology from the reality TV star.

In the video, Tacha shared moments from an event, including the instance where she gently took the fan’s hand off her waist, captioning it with a playful remark, “I just couldn’t lol.”

Reacting to the viral video, the fan accused Tacha of using him for clout chasing on social media. In a statement released, he clarified that he was the stage manager at the event and had requested a quick photo backstage with Tacha, which she accepted. However, he expressed disappointment that she posted the video of the moment without his awareness.

The fan explained that Tacha’s actions in the viral video led to defamation from various sources, affecting his mental health. He has requested a public apology from Tacha, emphasizing the impact on his reputation and expressing hope for a prompt response from her.

He wrote; “Hello, everyone! I’d like to address a viral video featuring Tacha and I. I want to clarify that I was unaware of the video; she asked for a quick photo backstage, and I obliged as I was assisting as a stage manager for the said show. If she had any concerns, she didn’t express them. It seems like an attention-seeking move, explaining my delayed response. I’ve received calls and faced defamation from various sources, including brands, individuals, and even at my workplace.

Tacha, I hope you understand the gravity of this situation on my mental well-being and the risk to my image. A public apology for the impact on my reputation would be appreciated. I look forward to your prompt response.”

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See reactions below;

chyomsss: What Tacha did was wrong . I can imagine what the guy is going through now . Removing his hands off you is okay but what do you derive by posting it , you did not even blur his face …. everything for clout.

beingolimani: You don’t even have to like Tacha to know that she’d never ask a random person for a photo. Lol.

phat_chyna: I stopped reading at “Tacha asked for a quick photo” the same Tacha we all know? Lol.

hayuurr: Apology on something you did wrong, seems you’re learning “clout essentials 101” from Blessing CEO🚶🏻.

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