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Man’s Motorcycle Stolen Outside Brothel While Engaging Sex Worker



A Nigerian man faced a distressing predicament after his motorcycle was allegedly stolen outside a brothel in Enugu while he went to fulfil his lust.

The revelation surfaced through a Facebook post by Kingsley Kanayo, a postgraduate student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), on Monday, November 27.

According to Kanayo’s account, the unidentified man had ventured to the notorious Leija Park in Nsukka to engage the services of a sex worker. However, what began as a routine visit took a sour turn when he left his motorcycle unattended outside the brothel.

Upon concluding his rendezvous, the man was confronted with the shocking realization that unidentified individuals had absconded with his prized possession. The unfortunate incident, as detailed in Kanayo’s Facebook post, unfolded as the man found himself in the uncomfortable position of explaining the situation to anyone passing by on the night streets.

“Yesterday at Nsukka, a guy went to Leija park to sleep with Ashawo. He left his motorcycle outside only to come out and discover that some street guys have stolen the bike…na so the guy come dey explain give anybody wey dey pass for road in the night.”

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