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Rita Edochie Stirs New War With Judy Austin Over Ladies Picked From The Street



Rita Edochie comment Judy

The entertainment sphere is once again ablaze with drama as Rita Edochie, known for her enigmatic comments, has stirred the pot, seemingly directing her latest vitriol towards Judy Austin.

Rita’s post questions the audacity of a woman urging a legally married counterpart to relinquish her husband’s surname, particularly when the former allegedly lacks a legitimate claim to the name.

In her Instagram post, Rita pondered the perplexity of a scenario where a woman “picked from the street” feels entitled to bear a legally married man’s name while suggesting that this act lacks legitimacy. Although Rita refrained from explicitly naming Judy Austin, netizens swiftly drew the connection, given the complex dynamics involving Yul Edochie, Judy Austin, and Yul’s ex-wife, May Edochie.

Rita Edochie’s post comes against the backdrop of rumors and speculation surrounding Yul Edochie’s marital relationships, with May Edochie, his former wife, still using the Edochie surname despite their separation. This has potentially fueled Judy Austin’s alleged discontent.

Public reactions to Rita’s post are divided, with some urging her to focus on her own life and leave Judy Austin alone, while others perceive her comments as a response to Judy’s rumored involvement in the breakup of Yul and May’s marriage. reports that this is not the first time Rita Edochie has thrown shade at Judy Austin with her comments. Earlier in November, she subtly compared the legitimacy of her own marriage to the perceived controversies surrounding Judy’s circumstances. Rita Edochie’s historical comments on Judy Austin’s relationship with Yul Edochie add yet another dramatic chapter to the ongoing saga of love, marriage, and controversy in the celebrity realm.
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