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Outrage Over Wizkid’s New N10m Tattoo



Artist tattoo Wizkid's

The artist behind Wizkid’s recent neck tattoo is facing significant backlash from Nigerians, who are expressing dissatisfaction with the perceived “quality” of the work, particularly given the substantial payment of 10 million Naira for the service.

The tattoo artist, who is also a musician, revealed this financial transaction to the public via his X account, @STRAFFITTI. In a surprising turn of events, the artist shared his astonishment at Wizkid instructing his manager, Mr. Sunday Are, to facilitate a payment of 10 thousand dollars for the newly inked tattoo design.

The revelation has triggered a wave of criticism from many Nigerians who are not only displeased with the tattoo’s design but are also questioning the artist’s acceptance of such a considerable amount without delivering what they consider a satisfactory result.

The public response highlights the scrutiny and disappointment directed towards the artist, emphasizing the importance placed on the perceived value and standard of artistic work, especially when associated with a high-profile individual like Wizkid. This incident sparks a broader conversation about the expectations and accountability placed on artists, particularly in the context of substantial payments for their services.

See the post below;

@BIGBosi_ asked: “So na you draw this tattoo? Make Ink catch you fir outside oo😒”

@Starboy__SZN wrote: “You collect 10k dolls, still come draw rubbish for my idolo”

@DeKINGKUDOS said: “Wizkid say make you draw tattoo for him next, you no fit advice am say e no go fit am?”

@Julietdamsy added: “So na you draw this tattoo

E no go fit better for you

That tattoo fine for your eyes ?

Even if una wan draw why on his neck ?

You want to turn him to Lil Wayne abi ?”

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