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Why New Born Babies Always  Cry



Newborn babies cry

As a newborn, crying is a way for babies to communicate their needs. While parents will learn what their baby’s cries mean as they grow, it can be difficult to know why a baby is crying when they are around 0-3 months old. Here are some of the reasons why newlyborn babies cry a lot.

Hunger or over feeding

Hunger is one of the most common reasons baby cries. Occasionally, babies will cry because they were overfed. Too much milk causes bloating, which can be temporarily uncomfortable for the baby.


Another very common reason babies cry is because they’re exhausted. It can be tiring to be so tiny and cute. Newborns need up to 17 hours of sleep every day, which means they get tired very frequently. If you suspect your baby might be tired, then help them fall asleep.

Dirty diaper

It is very common for babies to have a dirty diaper. The feeling of a full diaper on their skin can be irritating and upsetting, which can lead to crying.  Normally, babies need their diaper changed every 2-3 hours.

Internal temperature

If the baby is overheated or cold, they may be uncomfortable and will try to communicate through crying. This can happen if they are swaddled in a thick blanket, or if they’re wearing a jacket while in a car seat.


Babies sometimes get infections or irritations that can cause discomfort, which can lead to crying. Conditions like earaches, teething, or diaper rash can cause pain.

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