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Man Drags Wife to Court, Alleges Excessive Church Involvement



In a new development on Friday, January 26th, Mr. Aku Bakari, a public servant, brought his wife, Mary, to a Customary Court in Nyanya, accusing her of being excessively involved in church activities. The petitioner, residing in Nyanya Abuja, claims that Mary’s deep engagement in church affairs has led to her neglecting her responsibilities as a wife and mother.

Expressing his concerns in the divorce petition, Mr. Bakari states that Mary’s focus on church activities has left him and their children unattended.

He highlighted instances where she spent extended periods at church, from Friday to Sunday evening, and neglected family needs.

According to Mr. Bakari, attempts to address the issue with his wife were met with resistance. He traced the change in Mary’s behavior to around 2010, when she started attending another church and altered her dressing style, attributing it to religious convictions.

In response, Mary, who works as a cleaner, denied the allegations brought against her.

Presiding Judge Doocivir Yawe urged the couple to consider reconciliation for the sake of their children. The court has adjourned the matter until January 30 for further proceedings.
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