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Top Nigerian Comedienne, Tomama Opens Up About Unusual Advice On Dealing With Facial Mole



Nigerian comedienne, Oluwatoyin Albert, popularly known as Tomama, recently took to her Instagram to share a peculiar suggestion she received regarding the mole on her face. In a video post, she highlighted the strange encounters people sometimes have and the unsuspecting practice of witchcraft.

In the video, Tomama disclosed that someone approached her with an unsolicited solution for removing the mole on her face. What made it bizarre was that she hadn’t expressed any dissatisfaction with the mole in the first place. The anonymous person’s advice? Apply a drop of acid to the mole, and it would miraculously vanish.

Expressing her disbelief, Tomama questioned the logic of using acid on her face and how it could be done without impacting her overall appearance. She seemed amused and puzzled by the unconventional suggestion, emphasizing the importance of appreciating one’s unique features.

Tomama made it clear that she embraces the way she looks and doesn’t feel the need to alter anything on her face. In her candid response, she urged anyone who might have an issue with the mole or any other aspect of her appearance to simply let it be. Her message was a celebration of self-love and acceptance, encouraging others to embrace their individuality.

This incident sheds light on the societal pressure individuals, especially public figures like comedians, might face to conform to certain beauty standards. Tomama’s openness about such peculiar advice serves as a reminder that self-love and acceptance should be prioritized over conforming to external expectations or unconventional beauty suggestions.

See some reactions below:

layeaside: “When una born una pikin make una use their body do experiment  perfection”

mz_portable: “It’s giving * Confidence * it’s giving mind your own business*  it’s giving it’s my scar and I’m not your regular kind of girl.”

lovewoluofficial: “Her confidence needs to be studied 💯💯💯.”

ms_leemart: “I find it extremely disrespectful to meet someone with skin tags or acne and start advising them tf is that ?”

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