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Edo PDP: Kudos To Makinde For Speaking Out

By Bob-Manuel Umoru



Ibadan Explosion

One would think that a party that sustained severe electoral defeat in the 2023 general election would have learned her lessons and played by the rules that established the party and that of the tenets of democracy.

In the build-up to finalizing who the presidential flagbearers of the party would be in 2023, a committee was set up, and names were suggested for running mate position after due consultations. The NWC led by Senator Iyorcha Ayu felt it wasn’t necessary to follow popular recommendations and conclusions of party hierarchy and went to field an unpopular candidate for the position and failed to pacify aggrieved members and went ahead to call them names.

Today, Sen. Iyorcha Ayu is back in his village, Alh. Atiku Abubakar jetted to Dubai, Sen. Dino Melaye, off to Dubai, Daniel Bwala, back to APC, PDP dangerously fragmented because of the greed of these same crops of NWC members.

The same NWC jettisoned the due congress and the result presented in Edo State prior to the 2023 general elections and today, Edo PDP is without a single senator, and went from 5/9 Rep members to 1/9, kudos to Ayu, Damagum, Bature and other private seekers in the party.

Same behavior that brought PDP down to opposition in 2015, when they all started collecting from all angles and fielded weak candidates, and eventually, it affected the electoral fortunes of our great party.


While we prepare for the 2024 gubernatorial election, the NWC at first pretended to be an unbiased umpire, meetings upon meetings were called and the same men made the public believe that they were on due consultations with critical stakeholders of the party.

The ward congresses were fixed for the 3rd – 4th of February and later postponed to 4th. The committee set up has H.E. Seyi Makinde, as the Chairman, this evening we were greeted by the shock of his resignation as the Chairman of the committee, due to some reason that bothers on irregularities and compromise orchestrated by the NWC, most especially Amb. Umar Iliya Damagum and Mr. Bature.

Gov. Makinde resigned because the rules laid down for the congresses were not adhered to, and our discovery revealed the following:

1. Electoral materials for the congresses were in the hands of Gov. Obaseki who is a person of high interest. As against being with the congress electoral Chairman who is a neutral person.

2. Names of Electoral offices approved by the NWC, most of whom were not people of interest, were changed, and names from Delta and Edo State occupied the list, with the name of the speaker of Edo State House of Assembly as the EO of his own LGA. Who does that?

3. Given the above ill-development, we do believe and allege that some huge amount of money must have exchange hands in the hands of some people for this malpractice to be orchestrated prematurely, perhaps to ensure a die-minute compromise, which they actually did before they were all busted.

4. We shall write and meet with relevant authorities both of the party and the law for immediate investigation into this unwholesome development, which has all the trapping of excluding PDP from the 2024 gubernatorial election processes.


Since the birds have learned to fly without perching, the hunters have learned to shoot without missing. This is to say that since the NWC principal officers and their cohorts have decided to place their personal interest and their constant quest for a swollen pocket ahead of the growth, peace, and fortune of the party, we too are ready to ensure they will end up as the undertakers for the party and their names will go down in history as the very last set of disgruntled and money monger undertakers.

Let is be known to both of them and those who are in secret alliance with them, that we will not back down in our resolve to ensure that the constitution of the party remain the only Supreme Commander that we will ever obey.

You all have been exposed today, God bless Gov. Seyi Makinde for not joining in the execution of their evil plan.

As the NWC sets to plunder PDP, we will do our best to plough it or ensure they become the final undertakers.

Bob-Manuel Umoru

 (Jesus Army)

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