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Gbajabiamila Under Fire Over Move To Regulate Social Media



Gbajabiamila on social media regulation

A section of Nigerians have taken to their X accounts to express their discontentment over a call on social media regulation made by President Bola Tinubu’s Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamila.

Gbajabiamila had said that social media has become a societal menace and must be regulated.

He said this while representing Tinubu at the public presentation  of a book, “Nigerian Public Discourse: The Interplay of Empirical Evidence and Hyperbole” written by a former Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, in Lagos.

Gbajabiamila said “The social media has become a societal menace and must be regulated. 

“As many people do not understand that once the send button is hit, there is a potential to reach millions of people around the world which is capable of causing a great danger not just in the society but even unintended consequences to the individuals that are receiving information which may include security of life.

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“As citizens become more interested in governance, it is the government’s obligation to ensure that engagement with citizens springs with shared agreement on what the truth is, what is real and what is not.”

However, netizens took to their X accounts to tweet their views on Gbajabiamila’s call.

Abiwealthdata said, The country is getting tough day by day, your own priority is to regulate social media. You can do better sir.

E.J said, “You can make arguments for/against this. It all depends on the content of the regulation. However, I think people should be facing civil liability or lawsuits on social media.

” If you publish defamatory statements or material misstatement of facts against someone, you should face the consequences of your actions if you refuse to withdraw such statements. We see far too many slanders and false statements on social media.

But, if we are bantering football, abeg leave us alone.”

Mayree said, “Yes so that you will finally silence those who speak against your government.”

Citizens for ethical said, “Because social media exposes you people that’s why you’re hammering on social media regulation.”

A little kindness said, “It was not regulated when you guys used it to bully Jonathan.  It was mot regulated when you all used it to gain power in 2015.

Now you want it regulated. He who cut with cutlass does not like cutlass to pass his face.”

Obiora Out asked, “Who gave you the power to decide that? Social media is the only avenue that Nigerians can air their opinions about the atrocities and propaganda of APC. Regulating social media means suppression of voices, and that means we’re in an authoritarian rule. 

“There are more important things to do other than regulate social media.  The electoral reforms need to be done so that court cases are done before swearing in of president and governors. Please focus on tackling the economy and security issues and allow the voices of Nigerians to be heard through social media.”

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