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Resentment Shades Pretty Mike’s Presence At Veekee James’ Wedding (Video)



Veekee James'

The white wedding of Nigerian designer Veekee James and her husband Femi has ignited a flurry of discussions across social media platforms. One video, in particular, has stirred controversy, capturing popular socialite Pretty Mike’s grand entrance accompanied by a group of all-black human mannequins holding red umbrellas.

This entrance didn’t go unnoticed, raising eyebrows and prompting criticism towards Veekee James for inviting Pretty Mike, especially considering her previous involvement in worship activities with City choir. Social media users expressed their disapproval, questioning the appropriateness of her association with individuals like Pretty Mike.

Some users referenced biblical teachings about being unequally yoked with unbelievers, highlighting the perceived contradiction between Veekee James’ participation in worship and the presence of Pretty Mike at the wedding. Comments varied from astonishment to disappointment, with concerns raised about the compatibility of such guests with the Christian-themed wedding.

In addition to questioning Veekee James’ choice of guests, some users turned their attention to Pretty Mike’s peculiar entourage, expressing curiosity about the nature of his relationship with the mannequins. The unusual sight prompted speculation and further fueled the online debate surrounding the event.

Overall, the video of Pretty Mike’s entrance has sparked a wide range of reactions and discussions within the online community. As users continue to share their thoughts and opinions, the controversy surrounding Veekee James’ wedding guest list remains a topic of interest and scrutiny.

Watch the video below:

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