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Minister Lends Support As Iwobi Confirms He Has Taken Himself Off Social Media (VIDEO)



Minister on Iwobi

The Nigerian Minister of Sports Development, John Enoh, has spoken out strongly against the cyberbullying targeted at footballer Alex Iwobi following the Super Eagles’ loss to Ivory Coast in the AFCON Final.

The defeat, with a final score of 2-1, dealt a blow to Nigeria’s aspirations for their fourth continental title. Iwobi, a Fulham midfielder was substituted after 79 minutes of play in the final match.

In the aftermath of the game, Iwobi faced severe criticism from fans, prompting him to take action by deleting photos of himself from his Instagram account and locking the comments section to shield himself from further abuse.

Responding to these developments, Minister Enoh used social media to condemn the cyberbullying directed at Iwobi and other athletes. He stressed the sacrifices made by sportsmen and women when representing their country and urged for support and kindness from fans.

Enoh’s message was unequivocal: cyberbullies do not represent the sentiments of the nation’s leadership or its people. He commended Iwobi for his contribution to the team, highlighting Nigeria’s silver medal achievement, the first since AFCON 2000.

The Minister called upon Nigerians to halt their attacks on Iwobi and to recognize the dedication and effort he displayed in service to the nation. In his view, Iwobi deserved respect and appreciation for his role in Nigeria’s AFCON journey.

Watch the video below:

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