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Toyin Abraham Faces More Backlash Over Tinubu Despite New Online Giveaway




Toyin Abraham is continuing to live with public criticisms of her campaign for President Bola Tinubu despite her seemingly philanthropic efforts as manifested by her recent giveaway campaign in collaboration with a Lagos-based eatry.

The backlash against Toyin Abraham is not shocking on social media platforms, particularly given the economic hardships many Nigerians are enduring under the Tinubu administration.

Adding to the online discourse, there was a noticeable uproar when it was revealed that Toyin had taken to her social media handle, specifically Twitter, to announce her decision to cease the regular giveaways she organized to aid individuals in need. This revelation stirred further debate and speculation, with some interpreting it as a shift in her philanthropic endeavors.

In her latest action in public philanthropy, the actress has taken to establish a food bank and provide financial assistance for transportation to those in need. It showcases her resilience and determination to forge ahead despite the scrutiny and criticism directed her way.

Despite Toyin’s continued efforts to provide assistance through giveaways, netizens remain skeptical and unconvinced of her intentions, as evidenced by their ongoing reactions online. This skepticism persists despite Toyin’s resilience and determination to make a positive impact, showcasing her unwavering commitment to helping others despite the scrutiny she faces. Despite the challenges and controversies surrounding her, Toyin remains steadfast in her dedication to aiding those less fortunate, demonstrating the genuine essence of altruism and compassion.

See her post below:

See some reactions below:

@addel_cares: When people collect millions to support failure and come to share 5k to hungry people.  Omo some Nigerians with politicians are really wicked oh 😭😭😭😭😭😭

@THEHFC11: Guilty conscience is that you?

@cuppydat: After collecting millions she’s giving away 50 k

@AnthonySponsor: Remember to feed all families in Nigeria,,, you impose Tinubu on us, telling many Nigerians that he will change the economy of Nigeria,tell me how God go take forgive u and answer ur prayers,

If u like give our 100k per day what you did to many Nigerians will wait for u

@MercyEgbai: LMAO 😂😂😂, is the idea Tinubu shared with you?

@5ammie_Mena: This is the idea your so called president shared with you? To be giving people foodstuffs when they complain of hunger instead of making life better for all. E no get how e won be, thunder go surely fire you!

@itsmeobi: Na craze dey ur head! U used ur words to destroy a lot of things and u feel it is 5k for 50 people  will remedy the situation??? Jst keep quiet! That’s the only thing we want you to do! Na joke silver I dey wait for! All of Una way dey use Una voice the wrong way! God punish Una

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