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Popular Nigerian Businesswoman, Diiadem In Tears, Denies Affair With Governor (Video)



In a dramatic turn of events, renowned businesswoman Adeola Adeyemi, widely known as Diiadem, found herself engulfed in tears as she vehemently denied allegations of an extramarital affair with Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

The controversy erupted when popular blogger Cutie Juls accused Diiadem of usurping Governor Sanwo-Olu’s affections from socialite Berbie Doll.

Struggling to contain her emotions, Diiadem passionately refuted the accusations, asserting that while she could withstand adversity, being falsely accused was unbearable. Tears streamed down her face as she grappled with the injustice of the situation, questioning what she had done to warrant such allegations.

Amidst sobs, Diiadem implored to be left alone and invoked divine justice upon those responsible for spreading falsehoods about her. In a poignant display of her innocence, she solemnly swore upon a Bible, invoking divine retribution if she had indeed been involved with the governor.

In a bold move, Diiadem offered a substantial reward of N10 million for anyone who could unveil the identity of Cutie Juls, the blogger behind the damaging accusations. This gesture underscored her determination to clear her name and hold accountable those responsible for tarnishing her reputation.

The saga surrounding Diiadem’s denial of involvement with Governor Sanwo-Olu continues to captivate public attention, highlighting the power and perils of social media-driven controversies in today’s digital age. As the investigation unfolds, Diiadem’s emotional plea for justice serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll exacted by baseless allegations in the court of public opinion.

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