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Nigerian Celebrities At War: Who Is Your Husband? Portable Bombs Laide Bakare



Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has strongly reacted to derogatory remarks made by Nollywood actress Laide Bakare.

The controversy stemmed from an interview where Bakare, while discussing various topics, referred to Portable as “a dirty mad boy from Sango.”

Portable, known for his bold nature, swiftly responded to Bakare’s comments. In a viral video, he directly addressed her insult, asserting his financial capability by stating, “You called me a dirty boy, but I can buy you. Who is your husband? Tell me your husband.”

His response further intensified the situation as he boldly claimed he could afford to “buy and marry” Bakare, challenging her status and questioning her influence, particularly regarding marital fidelity.

Portable also alluded to a previous statement made by Bakare, where she mentioned her willingness to reciprocate infidelity if her husband were to cheat. This prompted Portable to caution her against associating with his wife, expressing concerns about potential negative influences. reports that the verbal missiles from Portable came just after Laide Bakare had a significant move in her career progression following her disclosure of a new appointment given her by Governor Ademola Adeleke as one of his Senior Special Assistants.

Whatever Laide Bakare decides to do she is bound to navigate her interaction with Portable with a clear mind of not putting a controversy to her new position.

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