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Hardship: Man Allegedly Dies In Stampede For Rice



FCCPC on prices of commodities

Tragedy struck at the Nigeria Customs Service office as a man reportedly lost his life in a stampede while attempting to purchase rice during a sale organized by the Customs in Lagos as part of its efforts to address the hardship in Nigeria.

The incident occurred on Friday, February 23, as the Customs commenced the sale of seized bags of rice to the public at a subsidized rate of N10,000 per 25kg bag.

According to a disclosure made by medical doctor Yemoka Adunola on Friday night, the victim fell while waiting in the queue with his wife. Before he could regain his footing, the surging crowd trampled him, resulting in fatal injuries.

In a somber post shared on X, Dr. Adunola lamented the tragic events, stating, “A man just died in my hospital, he was stamped on after falling at the custom office trying to get rice. He was on the queue with his wife when he fell down and couldn’t get up on time which resulted in people stamping on him. So sad. Survived by very young children. Naija.”

The untimely death of the man has left a community in mourning, highlighting the risks and challenges faced by citizens in their quest to access essential commodities amidst economic hardships. reports that the Federal Government in trying to address the present hardship in Nigeria had mandated the Customs service to dispose off the contraband rice in its custody.
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