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New Concern Over Overdose Of Erectile Medication In Bitter Drinks



Bitter drinks

A revelation by a Twitter user known as Arojinle has brought to light New concerns regarding the consumption of bitter drinks among Nigerian men.

The beverages, commonly available across the country and even beyond its borders, have been found to contain dangerously high levels of sildenafil, a medication primarily used to treat erectile dysfunction. Arojinle’s findings indicate that while the recommended dosage of sildenafil ranges from 50mg to 100mg per day, certain bitter drinks contain nearly twice that amount in a single serving.

This poses a significant health risk, particularly considering that some individuals may consume multiple servings of these beverages without being aware of their sildenafil content.

What exacerbates the situation is the fact that the beverages do not disclose the presence of sildenafil on their labels, despite being granted registration numbers by NAFDAC, the regulatory body responsible for ensuring the safety of consumable products in Nigeria.

This raises serious questions about the efficacy of NAFDAC’s approval process and the adequacy of its oversight. Given the widespread popularity of these bitter drinks among Nigerian men, who often seek them out for their purported sexual enhancement properties, there is a pressing need for greater transparency and regulation within the industry.

Arojinle’s efforts to disseminate this information are commendable, as they serve to educate the public about the potential risks associated with consuming these beverages. Moreover, his findings are not isolated incidents as similar concerns have been raised in other countries within the region.

For example, the Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone has conducted research on a comparable bitter drink known as “Coco Samba,” advising consumers to avoid it based on preliminary findings. Similarly, Ghana’s Food Authority has discovered elevated levels of sildenafil in several beverages, including Olekoko Akson Bitter, Oga Abeg, and Good Time Natural Herbal Formula.

In response to these findings, regulatory agencies such as Pharmacy Board of Sierra Leone have taken decisive action to protect public health. They have issued press releases warning consumers against the consumption of these beverages due to the potential health hazards associated with excessive sildenafil intake. Indeed, the consequences of consuming such beverages can be severe, ranging from a dangerous drop in blood pressure to visual disturbances, headaches, dizziness, and prolonged erections that may result in penile damage.

This situation shows the importance of robust regulatory oversight and consumer awareness in safeguarding public health. It is incumbent upon regulatory bodies like NAFDAC to conduct thorough investigations and enforce stringent regulations to prevent the circulation of adulterated products in the market. In the interim, consumers must exercise caution and discretion when purchasing and consuming beverages, ensuring they are adequately informed about the potential risks involved. By working together, regulatory agencies, healthcare professionals, and consumers can mitigate the dangers posed by unscrupulous actors in the beverage industry and uphold the highest standards of safety and integrity.

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