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5 Ways To Handle Excess Demands From In-Laws



Handle in-laws in Nigeria

In Nigeria and probably Africa, individuals don’t get married; families do and the implication is that if you marry someone, you are marrying the family and hence you must be prepared to handle demands from some in-laws.

Stories abound of marriages that are almost at the verge of collapse because of incessant demands from in-laws. Here are ways you can handle frequent demands from in-laws.

 Tell your partners about your responsibilities

  This is perhaps one of the crucial points to note, because there are instances where married persons only find out the enormous responsibilities on the shoulders of their partners after their wedding, at which time it might be too late to withdraw if it’s something they can’t cope with.

 Look on the brighter side

 While many people look at such demands as a burden, such intervention in the lives of people could be rewarding.  In some cases, when it works out well, you find out that those people you help would hold you in high esteem and it’s like the family becomes enlarged.

 Let not one person bear the burden

 One of the ways to deal with this is for the couple to look at how to accommodate the demands within the confines of their income.  If the person you are married to is a reasonable person and both of you have the same mindset, you should be able to work things out

 Be firm in decision

  It is not uncommon for people to take advantage of people helping them, such that they make unnecessary demands from such persons. In the spirit of being considerate, people should be very firm.

 Show a solid front with your partner

 Another solution to the issue is for the couple to work together in love and agree on a decision. The matter demands that the two of them need to put their minds together and decide on.

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