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Ondo 2024: New Questions About Another Igbo First Lady Erupt As Oke Declares



Oke Igbo wife

The prospects of Olusola Oke, one of the preeminent political actors in Ondo State in the forthcoming governorship election in the state has become an issue following disclosures of his marriage to an Igbo lady as his second wife.

Some political actors and others have alleged that the marriage and the ascendancy of the second wife, named Nkem were meant to gain Oke the favour of the immediate past First Lady, Better Anyanwu-Akeredolu. reports that Mrs Betty Akeredolu who is Igbo from Imo State was a controversial personality who recently shared a post on twitter chiding her late husband’s niece for backing the aspiration of the new governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa for a fresh term of his own. reports that months ago, Ondo State mourned the loss of Governor Akeredolu, who succumbed to illness after battling health challenges. Following his passing, questions arose, particularly regarding his marriage to an Igbo woman. Some Ondo State residents speculated that Akeredolu’s choice of spouse from a different ethnic group may have contributed to his challenges during his lifetime.

Against the background of the ascendancy of Nkem Olusola Oke as the favoured wife in the household of the governorship aspirant, the question as to the prospects of another Igbo lady playing the kind of powerful role Mrs Betty Akeredolu played in the last seven years has now turned to a trend on X, formerly known as Twitter.

One netizen highlighted the uncertainty surrounding the identity of the potential First Lady, raising pertinent questions about marital and tribal dynamics in Ondo State’s political landscape. The post reflected broader sentiments echoing concerns about unresolved issues stemming from Akeredolu’s tenure and his marriage to an Igbo woman.

With the election looming, citizens await the outcome, hoping for clarity and unity in the midst of swirling controversies
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