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Funsho Adeolu Raises New Storm Over Funke Akindele, Desmond Elliot And Nollywood Stars Turned Politicians (Video)



A video clip featuring Nollywood actor Funsho Adeolu has stirred controversy on social media, following his remarks suggesting that actors who delve into politics cease to be considered actors.

During a recent appearance on a show hosted by Teju Babyface, Adeolu expressed his opinion on actors transitioning into politics, asserting that such individuals inevitably become entangled in the web of political deceit.

Watch the video below;

Although Adeolu refrained from explicitly naming any actors or actresses, speculations arose among netizens, with some suggesting that his comments may have been directed at fellow industry colleagues, including Funke Akindele, who ran as the deputy governor candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) during the last gubernatorial election in Lagos State, and Desmond Elliot, who currently serves as a member of the House of Representatives.

The remarks made by Adeolu have sparked a heated debate online, with some supporting his perspective, while others vehemently disagree. Critics argue that Adeolu’s stance overlooks the potential for actors to make meaningful contributions to society through political engagement, while supporters applaud his candidness and assert that politics often demands compromise and moral ambiguity.

Significantly, some would also be waiting to observe if Adeolu would himself bite the bullet by venturing into politics.
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