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Obasanjo Explains How He Was Able To Jump Off Stage And Secrets Of His Good Health



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Against the national fixation on his good health and agility which saw him in the last week jump off a stage after a speaking engagement, President Olusegun Obasanjo has given his six- point recipe for good health and agility.

He spoke as he urged Nigerians not to give up on the country. reports that the former president spoke during a courtesy call on Governor Godwin Obaseki in Benin City.

While commending the governor for the warm reception, the former President charged Nigerians not to lose faith in the country.

He noted, “The situation in Nigeria is hard, but no bad situation can’t be made good. The question is, when and how? All we should be saying to those who have the opportunity now is to do their best. It is indeed an opportunity for you to run the affairs of your country and look after your people. It is an opportunity.

“It should not be me but we; not mine but ours; not my tomorrow but our tomorrow, and not my generation but all generations including the generation coming. This is what sustainable development is all about. You don’t eat today and not remember the generation coming that they too have to eat, that is all it is.”

On the secret of his good health and agility, Obasanjo said, “The secret of good health is the grace of God. You must learn to grow and old gracefully with the grace of God. I used the acronym ‘DREAMSC’ which means, Diet, Rest, Exercise, Medicals, Social Interaction and Contentment.

“Exercise is important no matter how old you are. Your medical is important.  You should interact with people and not be alone or dejected and depressed. Be content with what God has done for you and if not, you will run in circles.” reports that Obasanjo who has repeatedly mentioned living with some congenital ailments spoke against the background of his famed agility and good health despite being near 90.

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