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Unpaid Salaries: Association Of Resident Doctors Stage Warning Strike



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In a bid to draw attention to their grievances, members of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) at the University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital (UNIMEDTH) in Ondo State have commenced a 14-day warning strike.

The decision to embark on the strike comes amidst mounting frustrations over the non-payment of seven months’ salaries to newly recruited doctors, among other issues.

Taking their protest to the hospital premises, the doctors staged a peaceful demonstration, halting medical activities until their demands are met by the government.

Addressing reporters during the protest, Dr. John Matthew, the President of UNIMEDTH ARD, highlighted the dire situation faced by new members who have yet to receive their salaries.

Dr. Matthew outlined a series of grievances prompting the warning strike, including the failure to disburse palliatives to House Officers since February, the delay in distributing the February Hazard Allowance despite assurances from the state government, and a staffing shortage due to resignations among doctors.

Expressing concern over the dwindling ARD membership, Dr. Matthew emphasized the urgent need for action. He demanded the full payment of salary arrears owed to members, immediate payment of the February 2024 palliative to house officers, and the prompt disbursement of the February hazard allowance.

With only 26 members currently active, down from 150 just months ago, Dr. Matthew stressed the critical need to address the clinical manpower shortage in the institution, urging swift resolution to avoid further disruption to essential healthcare services.
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