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Bobrisky: The Political Dimensions Begin To Emerge



‘Forgive Yourself’ – Reno Omokri Says As He Pens Down Inspiring Post

Nigerian author and social commentator, Reno Omokri, has weighed in on the recent arrest and trial of popular cross-dresser Bobrisky, offering a unique perspective on the government’s motives behind the crackdown.

In a post shared on his X page, Omokri posited that the Nigerian government’s move against Bobrisky was a strategic response to the rising prominence of cross-dressing culture in the country. However, he suggested that the government opted for indirect action due to the potential backlash from Western powers if a direct approach were taken.

Omokri highlighted Ghana’s recent legislation targeting LGBTQ rights, which included provisions addressing cross-dressing. He pointed out the swift and forceful reaction from the LGBTQ community and Western nations, including threats to withhold financial aid, as seen in the case of the World Bank reconsidering a loan to Ghana.

Drawing parallels to Nigeria’s political landscape, Omokri referenced President Goodluck Jonathan’s signing of a law criminalizing same-sex relationships in 2014, which led to backlash from Western powers and influenced their support for Muhammadu Buhari’s candidacy in the 2015 election.

Omokri commended Buhari’s administration for its strategic handling of the situation, noting their engagement of political strategist David Axelrod, who had previously advised President Barack Obama and the LGBTQ movement in America. He suggested that Buhari’s team leveraged support from Western powers by signaling a commitment to thwarting anti-gay legislation, contrasting with Jonathan’s stance.

See his post below;

Overall, the analysis by Omokri sheds light on the intricate dynamics at play within Nigeria’s political landscape and the delicate balance between domestic policies and international relations as has now been brought to fore by the conviction of Bobrisky.
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