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Nigerians Disagree With Fayose As Policemen Undress Crossdresser (Video)




A trending video capturing the interrogation of a crossdresser, Victor John, by some Nigerian policemen has elicited strong comments from Nigerians who rebuffed Isaac Fayose over his strong opposition to the action of the policemen. reports that the officers who appeared to be irritated by the appearance of Victor John recorded him being interrogated and asked him to remove his clothes.

Isaac Fayose, a sibling of the former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose was, however, vehement in his opposition to the conduct of the policemen as he kicked against the humiliation of a crossdresser at the police station as he maintained that there is no law against crossdressing in Nigeria.

He argued that the officers who conducted the interrogation should be prosecuted for taking away the crossdresser’s dignity and humiliating a grown man in that manner. 

He wrote, ‘’Is there any law against cross dressing in this country? The police officers who shared and conducted this interrogation in this video should be prosecuted for taking away this guy’s dignity and humiliating a grown man. 

Accepted, we may not agree with his lifestyle, but in conducting our public service, the police breached the professional ethical standard. 

“Those officers may be curious, and I get it. By sharing on social media, they are indirectly telling the next generation of officers that this is an acceptable practice to deal with an accused.”

Watch the video below…

However, the majority of Nigerians were not disposed towards the idea of Fayose on the actions taken against the crossdresser.

See reactions from netizens on Instagram:

ragabsglobal reacted, “Oga the guy took away his own dignity by dressing like a woman.”

benlivchinazz said, “Their sponsors and customers are beginning to speak out.”

benthly89 asked, “Will you be happy if your son dress like to go out?”

vktechltd reacted, “grown manx confused human being.”

erudite411 said, “If he has dignity he shouldn’t have dressed as a woman in the first place.”

unlimitedeniola reacted, “Deception is a crime and by dressing like a woman, he could disguise and enter a female room to hurt her.

“Let’s be logical, what would be your reaction if someone visits you and turn out to be he or she is not the person you thought was?

“While we want to be politically correct, we should not forget about safety.”

oluwawagi stated, “Impersonation is a crime.”

glanuel_eventsandcakesabuja reacted, “Deceit and intention to defraud people using fake appearances is a crime abeg.”

saphiescloset_  reacted, “Abeg make them wipe them like this Make them no pollute the upcoming generation.”

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