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Ojougboh: Welcome To Agbor, Home Of Exquisite Hospitality

By Williams Eghebi



This weekend, Agbor, the ancient Kingdom on the hill, will host dignitaries who will be attending the funeral rites of Dr. Cairo Ojougboh. The guests, aside the emotional engagement will have many takeaways. John Pepper Clark identified the fresh folliage under the sun years ago in his poem, ‘Agbor Dancer’. It’s a kingdom where beauty finds relevance.

Agbor is not a strange name anywhere in the world. Its popularity measures with several other top brands. This status was not attained through hard work alone. The benevolent spirit remains kind to us. Its geographical location is another plus.  Agbor people drive the banking, media, entertainment, freight, sports and hospitality wheels. This is mere unavoidable diversion.

Hey guys! When you get here this weekend, ensure you are taken to one of the several eateries. You get the best delicacies in eateries where cooking and services are outdoors. Do not be too urban, waiting to be served. You may never be served as the stewards are never short of patronage. Pick your plates; walk to the service points. You can even flatter the kitchen staff if you must get express service as the queue may be long. When it’s hot, pick ujujun soup served with pounded yam. This soup is better  with bush meat, snail and mushrooms got from decomposing palm trees. If you are lucky to experience this, you may  stay longer in Agbor. This is our breakfast. It sounds strange that we eat heavy in the morning. Yea, we do. We work hard all day.

Let me talk about ujujun soup. This leafy, slimy soup is very nutritional. This is not the news. The soup is the kamarta that housewives apply to regain the love of their husbands. Any Agbor man who remains troublesome with the wife after consumption of the soup, is not a proper Agbor  breed.  He’s a hard man that needs deliverance. Good Food and Obubu Restaurants are situated along the New Benin-Asaba Expressway. These spots will meet your expectations.

When you arrive Agbor be bold to request for palmwine. The top notch is the upwine got from standing palm trees. Ensure that you make the wine your first choice. You can revert to beer and spirits on return home. The locals agree with dieticians that the local brew is good for eye defect correction and sexual prowess.

Do not be scared when you see our beautiful ladies riding motorcycles. This does not make them less feminine. In fact, it’s the opposite. If you encounter any challenge, just let it be known that you are a  stranger. It’s strange that Agbor people care more for  strangers. When our women show unexpected kindness, do not mistake it for flirting. She just found you a stranger that should be loved more.

You hardly can miss your way. Though not all the roads are paved, there is a seamless connectivity. When you seem not easy to find your way, ask of College Junction, Zenith Bank, Oza House, T-Junction. Uh, you are there again.

There are several hotels that meet your financial capacity. No matter the grade of the hotel, be assured of regular supply of electricity. The power is not from BEDC. Is there public power supply in Agbor again? There are as many night rendezvous here as worship centres. If you are a night crawler, you will return home with the impression that there are more female creatures than male. Again, you will not doubt that  Agbor people were created  with full concentration. If you are not careful , you could think you are in Eritrea where beauties  are incontrovertible.

When it’s sunny, take a trip to Park Vega WaterPark. It’s a place where waterfront  meets the sky. The ambience and serenity are awesome. It is children-friendly and does not create a deep hole in the pocket.

When you talk of ‘bush bar’, Pleasure Island Hotel within the precincts of the University of Delta, Agbor, comes handy. It’s a place where the fonds from palm trees and bamboos insulate reveries from scorching weather. It provides quiet environment where the brain functions at optimal level as outdoor office facilities are provided.

Dr. Cairo Ojougboh is yet to be buried but we are already missing him. A friend said since his death, his Alihame Community has not received power supply from BEDC. The guy said such blackout when he was  alive would attract prompt response. BEDC, prove my guy wrong. I know the shylock won’t respond. Shame!

Dr. Cairo Ojougboh was  not my best friend but I admired  his uncommon audacity. Many won’t know he was a meek man, using his physique  to shield shyness.

I had my first close interaction with him  in 1994. I visited his Benoni Street  residence, GRA, Benin. It was to invite him to be a patron during Inter-House Sports at Baptist Girls High School in Alihame, Agbor. His wife, Bosede, was warm to me  as the hubby was not home.

Behold, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh honoured the invitation. Though he had promised to build hydraulic basketball court for the school, he instead used the money to fix the road leading to the school. The deplorable road had at the time affected mobility of students to the school. Smart move, it was.

Dr. Cairo Ojougboh was clannish. Though he loved Agbor but his love for his Alihame was higher. The elders treated him with reverence. He had special relationship with them.

The Agbor people will miss him for different reasons. I miss in him an Arsenal fan. I will miss him too because of the white Heineken we shared. Another reason I will miss him is that he had  opinion on all issues.

I will hope that his friends absorb some inconveniences to join us to wish him safe passage. The Abuja affair was a mere retreat. Dr. Cairo Ojougboh was visible in his lifetime. Be visible at his funeral. This isn’t a big ask.

Chief Cairo Ojougboh, Akinuwa of Agbor Kingdom, safe trip to eternal rest.

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