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Prominent Nigerian Actress Stirs Storm With Pro-Abortion Campaign



Etinosa Idemudia on abortion

Nigerian actress, social media influencer, and filmmaker Etinosa Idemudia has sparked controversy and faced a barrage of social media attacks after expressing her views on abortion. Known for her outspoken nature, she didn’t shy away from advocating for abortion rights in Nigeria, a topic considered taboo in many circles.

In a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Etinosa boldly defended her stance, arguing that abortion could be a better option than subjecting children to a life of suffering. She questioned the morality of bringing children into a world filled with hunger and hardship, suggesting that sparing them from such a fate through abortion might be a more compassionate choice.

Her exact words were: “With all the hungry innocent children who are suffering all around, are we still against abortion? Isn’t abortion better than life long suffering? They never asked to be born into all this hardship. If your own future is not sure why bring an innocent person to life?”

Etinosa didn’t stop there. She delved deeper into the societal pressures and expectations placed on mothers, especially in situations of poverty and instability. She challenged the narrative of glorifying mothers who sacrifice everything for their children, highlighting the struggles they face and the lack of agency in their decisions.

She continued: “You will now hear things like ‘oh my sweet mother suffered for me. The hustle is for Mama. Her sacrifices made me who I am today. She went hungry so I can eat.’ I don’t understand. She no see say food no dey before she born you? She is responsible for you! fam! They owe you.”

Moreover, Etinosa shed light on the plight of women who seek abortions, often facing abuse and judgment from partners who contributed to the unwanted pregnancy. She condemned the lack of responsibility among some men who fail to use contraception, leaving their partners to bear the consequences alone.

In her words: “You are not discipline enough to use condom so in your selfishness you get your wife pregnant with the 5th child no house no tangible source of income. Bringing that child into the world should be a crime. If I’m that child I’ll never forgive you.”

Despite the backlash and furious reactions from social media users, Etinosa stood by her opinions, refusing to back down on a topic she deemed crucial for women’s rights and reproductive autonomy. Her outspokenness ignited a heated debate on social media platforms, shedding light on the complexities and controversies surrounding abortion in Nigeria.

See some reactions below:

@ujuaku97: You are despicable 🥺

@AinaAdepoju: What if you had your  life figured out before u guve birth the life happens and everything goes south and u become deadass broke? Do u kill the child?

@LPAbolitionists: Wow you got it all figured out. I guess we should go kill all the poor and hungry kids then…

@Noal865671: Maybe they should have aborted you also,since you are not among the first ten families of the world. Everything happening on earth is man made..God has created everything In abundance for the use of man…Greed and wickedness of man caused the short supply of resources.

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