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Portable Calls Out Wife, Bewaji Over Birthday Caption, Demands Respect

By Gideon Ayeni



Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, has sparked a fresh drama with his wife, Bewaji, over her birthday caption. The singer took issue with Bewaji’s reference to herself as the “Queen of Herself” in a now deleted post, sparking a heated exchange in the comments section.

Portable expressed his disapproval, stating that his family doesn’t tolerate such language and implied that the strength Bewaji gets comes from his respect for her.

Portable demanded that Bewaji show appreciation for his support and cautioned her against being used against him.

Bewaji’s original post read: “Still my day (THE QUEEN OF HERSELF) I am grateful for the incredible journey of life and the person I have become. On this special day. (I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT ME).”

Portable responded: “I don’t understand why you call yourself Queen of yourself. The family I come from, we don’t take nonsense. Queen of yourself? If they call you a strong woman, it’s because I make you strong. If I respect you, you should respect yourself too. Try to appreciate those who appreciate you. Just calm down, so people won’t use you against me.”

This public spat has raised eyebrows, with many wondering if the couple’s relationship is experiencing turbulence. Only time will tell if this drama between Portable and Bewaji will blow over or escalate further.

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