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Monkey Box: Nigerians Find New Way To Display Cash At Parties (Video)



In the wake of the intensified efforts by the EFCC to combat naira abuse, some individuals have found an innovative way to ‘spray’ money at events without risking prosecution. reports that this comes after celebrities like Bobrisky and Cubana Chief Priest faced consequences for misusing the naira, with Bobrisky receiving a 6-month prison sentence after pleading guilty.

In a viral Twitter video, a celebrant is seen dancing near a large wooden box as guests drop money into it. Instead of throwing the cash on the ground or at the celebrant, attendees are now tossing multiple bundles of notes into the box. This creative solution allows for the traditional practice of ‘spraying’ money at events while avoiding the risk of EFCC scrutiny.

Watch the video below;

This new trend has sparked a mix of reactions, with some people praising the ingenuity and others criticizing the continued emphasis on money culture. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Nigerians afraid to spray money because of the EFCC are finding ways to adapt to the changing times.

Read some netizens reactions to the video below;

@yemiFirstSon: “Is this one allowed ??”

@game_boss360: “Igbo men will never carry last”

@N6ofLife: “I love my people. We dont deceive ourselves. An African wedding or event without money being Sprayed is proper nonsense. Let’s look for more creative ways to spray money. EFCC can go to hell.”

@victorEdeh: “And this one looks like a better option.”

@udehemmanuel16: “One thing I love about Nigerians is that, they will always find a way through. We are Unstoppable.”
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