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Outrage As Chinese Supermarket In Abuja Bars Nigerians (Video)



A viral video has sparked outrage and disbelief after a Nigerian man was denied entry into a Chinese supermarket in Abuja, with the management citing restrictions on Nigerian customers.

The unidentified man expressed his frustration and shock at the discrimination, highlighting the irony of a Chinese establishment in Nigeria excluding its host citizens.

In the video, he lamented having to resort to local malls for his shopping needs, despite his desire to explore Chinese cuisine and products.

Watch the video below;

The Abuja supermarket incident has generated a wave of reactions from Nigerians, with many drawing parallels to the country’s significant debt to the Chinese government.

The incident has raised questions about the treatment of Nigerians by foreign businesses operating in the country and the need for greater inclusivity and respect. As the video continues to circulate, calls are growing for a boycott of the supermarket and greater accountability from foreign businesses operating in Nigeria.

Read some netizens reactions below;

daddyfreeze said: “This guy calm down make dem nor V€X come say make we repay all their loans back 😂😂.”

kingxiee noted: “They did the same thing to me and my friends 😂… At first we thought it was a joke until they almost called the security guards on us.”

cyril_unusual wrote: “Its only in Nigeria, that foreigners have more rights than a Nigerian.”

lala_camilla stated: “I heard this before even with some of their Restaurants some years back in Lagos they literally told me they allowed me in cause I came from the US, but it’s closed for Nigerians living home. 😢I didn’t eat there and cursed them out. This is why I laugh when yall worship the ground these people walk on. Imagine going to china and open a Nigerian store then tell Chinese people to not enter there.”

prophetrolex4 added: “Na small small naa Britain 🇬🇧 don day commot hand where we day China 🇨🇳 wan take over we are sold already my name na chi yum food.”
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