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Outrage As Video Clip Of Elderly Uniport Lecturer S€xually Harassing Female Student Leaks (Video)



A shocking video has surfaced online, showing a University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT lecturer allegedly s€xually harassing a female student in his office. The footage, which has gone viral, reveals the lecturer inappropriately touching the student, unaware that he was being recorded.

Watch the video below;

The video has sparked widespread outrage, with many calling for the lecturer’s immediate dismissal and even criminal prosecution. Netizens are appalled by the lecturer’s behavior, questioning how someone in a position of authority could engage in such unacceptable conduct.

Read some netizens reactions below;

@Alex: 1 less employed person. Congratulations sir. Your cup Dan full

@Wealth: Is it that these lecturers don’t learn or what?

@vargas: This one career don end

@Ese: See the way he grabbed the thing. So like this now, somebody’s daddy will loose his job. Chaaiii🤦🏾

@david: Should be jailed. Imagine how many female students he have his way with. Such an old foool.

This incident has raised concerns about the safety and well-being of students, particularly females, in educational institutions. It also highlights the need for stricter measures to prevent s€xual harassment and abuse of power by lecturers and other university staff.

The UNIPORT authorities have yet to comment on the incident, but it is expected that they will take swift and decisive action against the lecturer involved.
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