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Odumeje Returns to Nigeria, Vows To Crash Dollar Rate Again (Video)



Prophet Odumeje Given A Kingly Welcome As He Visits Market Women In Onitsha

Controversial clergyman, Pastor Chukwuemeka Odumeje, popularly known as Indaboski Bahoose, has returned to Nigeria after a successful event in the United Kingdom, and he’s making bold claims about his plans to stabilize the country’s currency.

Before his trip to the UK, the Naira had gained significantly against the Dollar, and Pastor Odumeje took credit for the improvement, attributing it to his spiritual powers. Now, he’s back in Nigeria and has vowed to use his alleged abilities to crash the Dollar rate again and strengthen the Naira.

In a viral video, Pastor Odumeje was seen interacting with personnel from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the airport, where he boasted about his return to help reduce the Dollar rate. He claimed that his ‘Abido Shaker’ powers would be used for the benefit of Nigeria, stabilizing the Naira fluctuation against the Dollar rate.

Watch him speaks in the video below;

While some have praised Pastor Odumeje’s claims, others have expressed skepticism, questioning the validity of his spiritual powers and their impact on economic factors. Nevertheless, the controversial clergyman remains confident in his abilities, and his return to Nigeria has sparked both interest and debate.

Read some netizens reactions to Odumeje video below after he returned.

CroBender: “Since the thing nor gree Tinubu and Cardo B do, wetin we go do na?”

TheWaterIsHere: “Seems like he’s accepted comedy as his career already.”

Sarkideyforyou: “This man is slowly replacing Sabinus.”

IUgonna: “And you will see dollar price dropping I just love this man his a perfect comedian.”

unthinkable_sn: “Please, just leave the dollar alone. What’s the essence of bringing it down if price of foodstuffs are not going down?”

iam_prodigy01: “Welcome back Sir. The country have been waiting for you.”

Only time will tell if Pastor Odumeje’s claims will materialize, but one thing is certain – his return has generated significant buzz, and many will be watching closely to see if he can indeed make a positive impact on Nigeria’s economy.
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