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Former Head Boy Claims JAMB Error, Demands Justice For Low Score




A Nigerian man, known on Twitter as @phillyf_, has sparked a debate by claiming that his 2016 JAMB score was erroneously awarded to him. The former head boy and best student in his art class from SS1-3 has taken to social media to share his story, insisting that the score he received did not reflect his academic abilities.

According to @phillyf_, the 2016 JAMB exam was notoriously difficult, with even top students struggling to achieve decent scores. Despite his impressive record of distinctions in his WAEC results, he was shocked to receive an aggregate score of 163 in JAMB. He finds it hard to believe that he could have performed so poorly, given his academic achievements.

“I was the head boy and best student in art class from SS1-3. The 2016 JAMB was so horrible. They gave me 163. How does it make sense for someone to score all distinctions in WAEC 2016 and then score 163 in JAMB 2016? So yes, they gifted me that score,” he tweeted.

@phillyf_’s claims have sparked a lively discussion on social media, with some users supporting his demands for a re-evaluation of his score, while others have questioned his motives. The incident has raised concerns about the reliability and fairness of the JAMB examination process.

Read some netizens reactions below;

@Stanley: oh yes i remember that set. my cousin wrote jamb in that year. i think in some years they intentionally fail students

@Dee: I wrote this jamb, half of my class failed. Even me “Head girl” failed😂

@Eastern_vybez: Lol, this is why I believe you , same year same situation, had 210 but I made 5 A’s in weac and I never scored less than 300 in any mock CBT , JAMB was faulty asf that year, or at least For humanities students

@reakfarooqii: So much miracle centre for weac but not same for jamb Nd again objective re easy to fail

@lordanderson18: Jamb is d only examination body that review the through capacity of Nigeria students..WAEC is d headquarters of exam malpractice and u can’t tell me otherwise cause I was there.

@kay: Same, had just a single B, didn’t smell any expo. My waec was collectively higher than everyone else’s in my school.

As the conversation continues, many are left wondering if @phillyf_ is a victim of an error or simply seeking attention. One thing is certain, however: his story has highlighted the need for transparency and accountability in Nigeria’s education system.
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