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Nigerians Shade Reno Omokri As He Resumes Personal Attacks On Peter Obi



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Presidential candidate of Labour Party in the last Presidential election, and the former Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi’s gesture of attending the burial ceremony of late actor Junior Pope has drawn both praise and criticism. While many Nigerians have commended Obi’s show of support, Reno Omokri, a former media aide to President Goodluck Jonathan, has accused Obi of favoritism.

Omokri took to social media to question Obi’s selective condolences, pointing out that he failed to visit the family of Harira Jubril, a pregnant woman from Adamawa who was killed alongside her four underage daughters in Anambra in May 2022. Omokri implied that Obi’s decision to visit Junior Pope’s family while ignoring others suggests a bias towards those from the Southeast region.

“Is it because she and her children were ‘Mallam’ and ‘Aboki’ in Peter’s eyes and therefore only worthy of his ‘Yes Daddy’ ‘religious war’?” Omokri wrote. “Peter Obi’s pattern of treating Northerners and other Nigerians from outside the Southeast differently from how he treats those either from or connected to Igboland is unbecoming of a man aspiring to be Nigeria’s President.”- Reno statement read in part.

See his post below;

The controversy has sparked a heated debate about Obi’s leadership and his ability to unite Nigerians from diverse backgrounds. While some defend Obi’s actions as a show of support for a colleague, others see it as a missed opportunity to demonstrate compassion and empathy for all Nigerians, regardless of their region or ethnicity.

Read some netizens reactions below;

@konogtimz: But your president and vice president did not visit either one of them.🙄

@Sexyred002: Obi still has many years on earth 🤣😂😂😂😂 I hope you are ready for this bitterness job

@savvyoyin: PO should do better pls.

@tonyajah: Which bereaved home did visit, clout chasing Reno? Just brace up. HE Peter Obi is just warning up to be your true nightmare.

@dutsimasanni: This is too patronizing. Must you use deaths and tragedies to mudsling PO? Dey your dey. Pick a party of your choice and test your popularity, only then you’ll appreciate his courage.

@olomoney808: PO can never be president

@tunde_arewa: You should direct this to Tinubu. He is the no 1 citizen of Nigeria. When was the last time you ever saw him paying condolence to anyone? Why not hold him to the standards you hold PO to? Or has PO been sworn as the commander in Chief?
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