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Portable Sparks Outrage With Celebration of Former Manager’s Death (Video)




Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, has sparked widespread outrage with his insensitive and distasteful celebration of his former manager, Stelliza’s death. Stelliza, whose real name is Adeseyan Adedoyin Oluwatosin, tragically passed away in a car accident on April 19th while returning from a nightclub.

In a shocking Instagram live video, Portable was seen dancing and rejoicing over Stelliza’s demise, claiming he had “collected his glory” and warning anyone who tries to stop him from using it will meet a similar fate. His callous and disrespectful behavior has drawn intense criticism from fans and fellow industry professionals.

Watch the video below; reports that this development comes after Portable had publicly parted ways with Stelliza in November 2023, citing financial misappropriation and unethical practices. He had also previously clashed with other managers, including Quadri Taoreed (Kogbagidi) and Yusuf Adepitan (Ijoba Federal), over similar issues.

Portable’s latest outburst has raised concerns about his behavior and treatment of those around him. His former managers have spoken out about his erratic behavior and lack of accountability, with some expressing relief at no longer working with him.

The music industry and fans alike are condemning Portable’s actions, urging him to show respect and empathy for the deceased and their loved ones.
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