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Babymama, Ashabi Simple, Hits Back At Portable Over Arrest Drama (Video)



Nollywood actress Ashabi Simple has broken her silence after controversial singer Portable dragged her on social media, accusing her of abandoning him after he was arrested twice last week.

Portable, who was arrested twice last week for unpaid debt and assaulting a police officer, took to social media to lambast Ashabi Simple for not visiting him at the police station. He claimed she was busy on a movie set while he was going through a tough time, despite publicly professing her love for him.

In a subtle response, Ashabi advised her followers to avoid people who have nothing to lose, as they don’t care about others’ goals. “Avoid people who don’t have what to lose, they don’t care about other’s goals,” she wrote.

Watch the video below; reports that the drama between the two began even before Portable was arrested when Ashabi Simple granted an interview in January, revealing intimate details about their relationship. Portable was enraged, slamming her as a “side chick” and reminding her that he has a wife at home. The two had briefly reconciled, with Portable even reposting a TikTok video declaring Ashabi his “wife and queen.” However, their truce was short-lived, with Portable accusing her of trying to ruin his marriage and using him to promote her movie.

Ashabi’s latest response suggests she’s moving on from the drama, focusing on her own goals and warning others about people who don’t have anything to lose. The controversy surrounding Portable’s personal life and legal troubles continues to unfold, with no end in sight.
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