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Sarah Martins Blasts Yul Edochie For Monetising Junior Pope’s Death



Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has joined her colleague, Angela Okorie, in criticizing Yul Edochie’s recent comments about their late colleague, Junior Pope. Yul had revealed that he didn’t mourn Junior Pope due to past betrayals, sparking outrage among his peers.

Sarah Martins took to her Instagram page to express her disapproval, questioning Yul’s motives and asking if he sought to “monetize Junior Pope’s death” to gain financial advantage on Facebook. She labeled him “hungry” and “ashamed,” suggesting that his second wife, Judy Austin, may have influenced his actions.

Sarah Martins also highlighted the sensitivity of the situation, noting that Junior Pope’s family and loved ones are still grieving. She emphasized that the late actor cannot defend himself, and urged Yul to show conscience and respect for the deceased.

See her post below;

The assertions by Sarah Martins over the post by Yul Edochie on the death of Junior pope follows Angela Okorie’s earlier condemnation of Yul Edochie’s comments, which she described as “wicked.”

The ongoing backlash suggests a growing discontent among Nollywood actors regarding Yul’s actions and public statements. As the situation continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how Yul Edochie will respond to the mounting criticism from his peers.
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