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Keyamo Barks At Ex- Aviation Minister Over Criticism On Emirates’ Return



Keyamo vs Chidoka

The incumbent minister of aviation, Festus Keyamo, has sharply reacted to the comment of an ex Nigerian Minister of aviation, Osita Chidoka, who described the return of Emirates Airlines as an attack on the dignity of Nigeria.

Keyamo who reacted via his X official account on Wednesday said the comments made by Chidoka were hypocritical; portraying a false nationalism and an attempt to score cheap political points.

He tweeted, “Thank you, @osita_chidoka for your opinion. However, to demonstrate your patriotism, sincerity and fidelity to the touted ‘Nigerian Pride’, the big puzzle is, why did you fail to similarly advise your boss, principal and mentor ATIKU Abubakar @atiku to immediately relocate from Dubai to Nigeria and sell off all his assets there in protest when the ban on visa and flights were announced? Hypocrisy has never been this audacious!

“Again, it is curious that, as a member of the think-tank of the PDP, your election strategy at a time (popularly dubbed ‘the Dubai Strategy’) was hatched in the same Dubai and not in Nigeria before the ban was announced. Why export a purely Nigerian project to Dubai if you loved Nigeria so much?”

Keyamo further insisted that the aim of Tinubu-led government is to foster relationships with other countries for the ultimate benefits of Nigerians.

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“For the avoidance of doubt, this Government is focused on fostering healthy relationships with major partners around the world for the ultimate benefits of Nigerians.

“Considering the huge investments and interests of Nigerians in the UAE, should we continue to engage in ‘Bolekaja’ (motor park) diplomacy capable of hurting the interests of Nigerians? Will the imminent return of Emirates to Nigeria and in reciprocal manner, AIRPEACE returning to operating that route, not lead to better competition which will ultimately crash the present high fares on that route?

Keyamo further asked Chidoka, “Who will benefit more? How many Emiratis visit Nigeria and invest here as much as Nigerians visit the UAE and invest there? Have you bothered to ask about the lifting of the visa ban before issuing your warped statement? For your information, that has been resolved too and the announcement is imminent.

“Rather than craftily resorting to the card of false nationalism in pursuit of cheap political points, you should have told Nigerians the economic disadvantages Nigeria stand to suffer, if any, as a result of the commendable effort of the Tinubu administration to straighten our relations with our friends in the UAE.

“I will advise your PDP to work harder to regain power in 2027 and maybe resume your hostilities with the UAE authorities thereafter.”

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