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Outrage As Police Officer Struggles With Driver On Motion (Video)



Police Caught Strangling Uber Driver While In Motion

An outrage has been sparked across social media in reaction to a viral video which captured a ‘soon to be’ police officer strangling an uber driver while he was in motion.

The viral video shared by a lady on Snapchat identified as Light Orji, had a caption, “Had the most traumatic experience today, literally had to jump off the vehicle. Stupid police man was strangling my Uber guy while he was driving on full speed.”

A user on X, #Omolomo_o referred to the video saying, “In case you see this please you only have one duty, tag #Princemoye1 #PoliceNG and #PoliceNG_CRU Let them see how an officer of the law is strangling a driver in motion.”

Watch video below 👇

According to the police officer, he was ordered to take the Uber driver to the office but the Uber driver began to drive him somewhere else. He said when he asked the driver to stop, he said no. 

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The spokesperson of the Nigeria Police Force, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who stumbled upon the video on X immediately ordered an investigation into the viral video.

Adejobi, directed the Police Complaint Unit to investigate the matter.

“Where is this again? Can we have more information about it? Thanks. #PoliceNG, #PoliceNG_CRU, take up this and investigate, please. Thanks.” he wrote.

See more reactions from other netizens on social media:

1stdate_fashionconcepts said, “Desperate and frustrated police officer’s botton.”

naija.bakers said, “Animal in uniform.”

abelsworldluxury reacted, “One thing i like about this man is that he is active. Even though justice no dey but at least he always come forth.”

deadorablelooks_interiors reacted, “This lady saw death before her very eyes…it’s just the grace of God…I’m happy she’s alive… Thanking God on her behalf Had goose bumps watching this.”

fabrics4allbythemiteee said, “I am traumatized on behalf of the lady, I hope she is fine and gets the necessary help she needs to not have to deal with PTSD, it is well.”

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