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Mohbad’s Mother Files Petition Against Ex-Husband Over Alleged Death Threats



Mohbad’s mother has taken legal action against her ex-husband, Mr. Joseph Aloba, accusing him of threatening her life.

According to a petition filed through her lawyer, Mohbad’s mother alleges that her ex-husband has been making threats against her because she refused to join him in fabricating lies about Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, regarding the late singer’s death.

The petition, addressed to the Assistant Inspector General of Police, states that Mr. Aloba has been granting interviews to the press and social media bloggers, making threatening statements about her life. The mother claims that she has been forced to relocate due to strangers monitoring her at her former residence, and that she has been subjected to online bullying by netizens as a result of her ex-husband’s actions.

This development comes after Iyabo Ojo, a Nollywood actress, publicly praised Mohbad’s mother on her 50th birthday, highlighting her unwavering support for her son’s wife, Omowunmi, amidst the challenges they faced on social media.

In a previous interview, Mohbad’s mother revealed that she rarely discloses her relationship to the late singer due to fear of kidnapping, given his prominence in the entertainment industry. reports that the latest development adds to the intrigues that have shadowed the death of the late singer almost a year ago.
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