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Mohbad: Father Demands DNA Test On Grandson



The controversy surrounding the death of Nigerian singer Mohbad has taken a new turn, as his father, Joseph Aloba, insists on a DNA test for his grandson, Liam, before allowing the burial to proceed.

In an interview with TVC, Mr. Aloba expressed doubts about the paternity of Mohbad’s son, citing instances where his daughter-in-law would leave home for extended periods without her husband’s consent. He stated, “I have to do the DNA [on Mohbad’s son] before the burial. I’m doubting the paternity of the son also.”

This development comes after an autopsy failed to determine the cause of Mohbad’s death, leading to widespread calls for his remains to be buried. However, Mr. Aloba remains resolute in his demand for a DNA test, fueling speculation about the motives behind his request.

Addressing allegations that he is trying to inherit his son’s wealth, Mr. Aloba clarified, “When Mohbad was alive, we were friends. If he bought clothes for himself, he would also buy for me. Since his death, I have never gone to his house. I have never gone there for anything. But some people misinterpreted things, and whenever they see me with a shirt, they say it’s Mohbad’s. Is it compulsory that it must be from my son? I have my own clothes too.” reports that Mr Aloba recent assertion on wearing late Mohbad clothes is contrary to his previous submission in March this year where he was asked why he was wearing his late son clothes. In his word, Mr Aloba responded asserting his right to wear his son’s clothes even after his passing. He firmly stated that he has every right to don his garments, dismissing the inquiry as irrelevant and disrespectful.

He is my son, I can wear his cloth because we’re in same size. And anybody that have that kind of son and cannot share with him, that means the person doesn’t love his son”- Mohbad’s dad emphasized.

As the situation unfolds, fans and supporters of the late singer continue to demand justice and clarity.
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