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‘Nigeria Still Suffering’ – Primate Ayodele Counters Tinubu, Wike



Primate Ayodele to Tinubu and

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, has countered President Bola Tinubu’s assertion about the nation’s condition, insisting that Nigeria is still suffering.

President Tinubu claimed that his administration’s reforms have stopped the country’s metaphorical bleeding, but Primate Ayodele, responding on Sunday, argued that the president is being misled by his advisers.

According to Ayodele, the situation in Nigeria is deteriorating daily, with citizens enduring severe economic hardship due to the administration’s policies.

He emphasized that inflation has made essential commodities unaffordable for many, and it is highly insensitive to suggest that conditions are improving.

‘’Nigeria is still bleeding, it may not affect the rich but every day, people are crying because of how bad things are. Tinubu should do a survey of prices of commodities in the market and see how bad things are for Nigerians. People are in anguish, Tinubu must not allow anyone deceive him that it is well, it is not yet well. People can’t afford a three-square meal, it’s getting worse every day. Don’t be deceived at all; people are in serious pains except those who are in government.’’

The cleric, who is actively involved in feeding the less privileged, asserted that he spends more money to feed more than 7,000 people monthly and that the standard of living has dropped drastically.

‘’I am close to the grass root and I know how much I spend to support the masses just to feed. I feed more than 7,000 of them monthly. Tinubu should not celebrate anything because Nigerians are suffering. Cost of living has increased; standard of living has dropped drastically. Don’t be deceived, people are sad.”

Primate Elijah Ayodele also addressed a recent statement by FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, who claimed that President Tinubu has restored hope among Nigerians. Ayodele dismissed Wike’s assertion as incorrect, arguing that there is no basis for such optimism given the current economic and security challenges facing the country.

According to Ayodele, the situation remains dire, and hope has not been restored for anyone under the present circumstances.

‘’There is no renewed hope anywhere yet from this government, the hope we need is the one that manifests and turns life around. There is no essential commodity that is cheap and affordable for the common man. It’s a wrong statement to say this administration has restored hope in the minds of Nigerians. This government must be honest with itself, there is no hope yet at all.’’

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