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Frustrated Wedding Guests In Abia Trapped By Flood (Video) 



Abia road after it rained

A TikTok user with the identity, @official.dutchess has posted a video capturing the state of a road in an Abia community after it rained. 

According to the TikTok user, the wedding guests who went to the event on a dry road came back to meet a heavily flooded road, making it difficult for the vehicles to advance in their return journey.

The video captured young men of the Abia Community coming out in solidarity to help push the trapped cars away from the flood.

The video came with the caption “You went to an event in Abia state and after it rained you couldn’t go back home”. 

Watch Video below 👇

TikTok netizens marveled at the video. While some relatives identified with the wedding guests, others resolved that they would rather send a gift than to go to an event in such communities.

@Son_of_Grace said: “Omo na my cousin dem come marry ooo the thing dey pain us after the rain 🌧️😀😀😀😀😀”

@Clintonslosh said: “This kind thing you go just dey hiss Hundred times like who send me 😩😩”

@Becomingchayil said, “If you Dey stay forest no invite me for your wedding Biko 😌”

@🤴ODOGWU EMMYDON 💎 said: “Nawa ooooo😂😂😂😂suddenly all the roads disappear.”

@archbishopT2 recounted, “I remember when I was going for my youth service in Abia state. I forcefully went with my car, this is what I faced from IMO to Abia when they blocked major roads.”

@Mimi🦋 said: “God abeg 😩this kin invitation na to send virtual gift cux I’ll definitely cry in this kind of situation.”

@Ugochukwu IKECHUKWU said: “U get mind put ur motor for that road, you would have just packed until next dry season.”

@Mavin Nnadozie said: “Lol the Lexus is my friend’s car. He was telling me about this yesterday when it was happening. Chai.”

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